Parents & Volunteers Information

All Little Athletics centres need parents and carers to volunteer to help run the Club Competition on Friday nights and to be on the Committee.  Without parent volunteers a centre cannot operate.  Our club at Austral is no different.

We do need parents to step and assist on Friday nights and to be on the Committee.  A Committee is essential to enable the club to operate and meet Little Athletics NSW guidelines and Fair Trading.

On Friday nights we need parents to help with:

  • Setting up equipment
  • Being an Age Manager
  • Operating the canteen or Bbq
  • Recording times/time keeping
  • Being a ‘Starter’ for the running events
  • Packing up the equipment

We also need Committee Members to:

  • Manage/Check equipment
  • Manage uniform stock
  • Record Club Competition results into the Little A’s software
  • Be involved in fund raising/sponsorship

For parents who are sporty or have previous athletics experience there is also the opportunity to become a qualified Coach.

If you are interested in this please speak to a Committee Member to discuss or go to Little Athletics NSW to find out more.